I hand crafts motion pictures for your heart and soul! Shoot from the hip, operate from the heart. 😀
— Clay Haskell


Where are you based?

Primarily in Los Angeles, California.

Will you travel?

Absolutely, I am a Digital Nomad. #havecamerawilltravel

Do you edit as well?

I do. I am proficient in Divinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premier. I am a strong editor, however, I prefer to work with other editors when I can, as they offer a unique perspective and often help to meet deadlines in a timely matter.

What’s next for you?

When I am not trying to bootstrap my own projects, I am often out servicing other peoples projects. My current baby is a feature documentary called WATER, designed for IMAX and the largest screens in the world. Contact for more information.


Director | Producer | DoP

My passion for filmmaking and storytelling can be traced back to my childhood when I taught myself how to shoot with my father's VHS camcorder. By the age of 7, I created a series called Clay's World, and I have been framing life through that lens ever since. I was captivated by the magic of motion pictures and lived for the laughter and joy I could invoke from sharing it. Today, I am just as hooked as I was 30 years ago. Driven to discover new stories and thrive on creating new and innovative ways to approach, shape, and share them with the world. Behind the scenes, I take a very technical, hands-on approach to the creative process. I see challenges and obstacles as opportunities for growth and creative solutions. Over the past 15 years I have had the pleasure of experiencing a variety of productions, including the successful Emmy award-winning series "Louie" for FX, served as a 2nd unit Director on AWAKEN, associate produced by Terrence Malick, even shot an indie feature, Portrait of a Zombie. There is no production too big or small. From the writer's room to the final cut, I enjoy the process as much as I do the results. Contact me for more information, and let's get busy shooting.


What cameras do you shoot with?

I am brandnostic, I will shoot with ARI, RED, SONY, BLACKMAGIC DESIGN, FUJI, DJI, and even an obscure manufactures who build me custom rigs for special projects. I pick the best tools for the project. Some times the best camera to shoot with is the one you have access to, including the one in your pocket.

Do you own camera gear?

I am a gear junky and generally have at least one camera kit on me at all times, never know when duty calls. See kit details here! However, through my community I have access to competitive prices on just about anything under the sun.

Do you capture 360 live Action.

As an early adopter in the VR / 360 space, I have shot countless hours of 360 content and have been beta testing workflows since the inception. Today is a great time to get into the space, it’s never been easier and more affordable to deliver beautiful Ultra HD 360 content.

Your a diver as well?

Yes. I am passionate about the ocean. I am an underwater dive operator with rescue dive training and over 100 dives logged. I work with manufactures and 3rd party vendors to custom build underwater housing, diver to surface playback and communication. See my work for examples.