A look at the new Ursa Mini 4.6k

I wanted to take a moment to share my initial thoughts and some overall feedback on Blackmagic Design's latest offering in the digital cinema world, the Ursa Mini 4.6k. (aka UM46)

Let's jump right in there and have a look at the image quality shall we?  Shooting charts is all good and well but I learn a lot more by just taking her out for a spin and that's exactly what I did in the following clip.  Disclaimer, I was testing vintage optics mostly on this shoot.

Okay so what did I learn from this quick and dirty, run and gun test?  A lot of things really, for starters I LOVE the colors right out of the gate.  Very pleasing to my eye, rich,  to be continued. 




New feature FILM in development, "EXIT VITA" is underway!

           What can I say about EXIT VITA without giving away too much?  For starters, its a Sci-fi, then try to imagine romeo and Juliette meets sleeping beauty.  Vague, I know but I got to keep my cards pretty close to the chest on this one because I do believe I am onto something big here and I am convinced this project has insanely awesome potential.  Perhaps I am blowing sunshine up my a@# to help keep the ball rolling but honestly it beats the alternative.  If your a writer you know how insanely challenging it is and we are hard enough on ourselves  so cut me some freaking slack!  What was this post about?  EXIT VITA!  Did I mention project is awesome?  It is a bold a new territory for me, it's high concept, and deals with elements that are very much happening in our lives today (think Black Mirror), it's the stuff that  keeps me laying awake at night. Naturally I have decided to spear head with full force.    I wish i could say more but I should leave it for now.   Time to burn the midnight oil, wish me luck. 

Cannes Film Festival 2014

Time to dust off the old penguin costume for the 2014 Cannes Film festival. It's right around the corner and I have not yet found a room, even the airbnb host have outrageous inflated rates. Last year I drove my 2cV, a 1970s french classic,  cross the country from Toulouse during a monsoon. I rattled into town soaking wet with a trunk load of champagne, parked outside La petite Majestic and shared the goods.  The glam of cannes at its best, what a mess!  In the end it was rather successful and ironically it turned into some PR stunt by accident.  Maybe this year I will shamelessly plug wwwhaskellfilms.com on the car?  My goal at Cannes is to meet up with one of my creative writing collaborators, Elena Toccafundi, and start garnishing interest on a new feature.  Of course, I will try to catch as many films as I can.   Look out for my 2cv or catch me at the American Pavilion for brunch and have a great festival!

Welcome to haskellfilms 2.0

Hope you all enjoy the new layout.  I am still tinkering around inside the machine and uploading content along the way but if you're just arriving then I welcome you to my data-sphere where you will find a selection of my motion picture and photography works from past to present. I am a storyteller at heart and perhaps in due time this blog will evolve into a story of its own but in the meantime I encourage you to have a look around as I piece together this puzzle. Cheers.